How To Make Concrete In Minecraft?

Minecraft Concrete Recipe: This is the step-by-step tutorial on How to make concrete in Minecraft. Concrete is a durable item available in Minecraft, used for making buildings. In Minecraft, house built with Concrete are a bit stronger and durable in comparison to stone, but it comes with lower blast resistance.

The most important recipe item of Concrete is Concrete Powder that can be mined only with a pickaxe, otherwise it will be lost. Here you get variety of color choice. So, you have the option to choose dye of your choice how you want to craft the building in which color you think it will look much better.

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Minecraft Concrete Recipe

  • 4 Sand
  • 4 Gravel
  • Water source
  • A Dye (Your Choice)

How To Make Concrete In Minecraft?

Step 1: Open the 3X3 Crafting Table in Minecraft

Open the 3X3 Crafting Table in Minecraft

Step 2: Arrange Recipe items in Order

Arrange Recipe items in Order

Step 3: Move the Concrete Powder in Hotbar and place it on the ground
Step 4: Pour water on Concrete Powder

Pour water on Concrete Powder

Step 5: The area where the water touches the concrete powder will only become the Concrete. So make sure to pour the water everywhere.

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If you want to create lots of Concrete, then you have to collect lots of Concrete Powder and pour water over it. Everything is all up to you, how much concrete you want and of which color you can control everything in detail. Once the Concrete Powder absorbed all the water, you can use it for your purposes.

That’s all about the How To Make Concrete In Minecraft. If you have any further queries about the Concrete in Minecraft, please let us know about it in the below comments and will find the best solution for you. Remember one thing the color dye can be of any color it is all up to your choice.

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