How To Make An Anvil In Minecraft?

Minecraft Anvil Recipe: This is the step-by-step tutorial on how to make an anvil in Minecraft game. An anvil is a multi-purpose item that can be crafted in Minecraft by which you can enchant items, repair items, and name any items very easily. For identification, naming is an important thing that you can do with any item in the game.

It also deals with damage to 20 hearts when fall from a height of 40 blocks and harm a player badly. For making anvil all you need is 4 Iron Ingots, 3 Blocks of Iron and crafting menu for cooking the item. Let’s know the process to craft the anvil in Minecraft.

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Minecraft Anvil Recipe

  • 4 Iron Ingots
  • 3 Blocks Of Iron
  • 3×3 Crafting Table

How To Craft An Anvil In Minecraft?

Step 1: Open 3×3 crafting table

Step 2: Arrange the Anvil recipe items in order
Step 3: Move the crafted anvil to inventory

Arrange the Anvil recipe items in order

Step 4: This is how you can craft an anvil in Minecraft.
Step 5: Right click, put it on the ground and use it as you want

Right click, put it on the ground and use it as you want

You can perform various with the anvil such as enchant, Repairing items, naming an item, and also deal with damage to any player. It is all up to you that how you are using this item. By the time and using it regularly, anvil will get damaged, so it is recommended to always keep the anvil recipe in your inventory.

That’s all about how to make an anvil in Minecraft. If you have any further queries about the anvil in Minecraft, please let us know about it in the below comments, and we will find the best solution for you. By anvil, you can also keep all your weapon repaired, so it is going to be a very useful item.

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