How to level up Your Rank quickly in Free Fire

Hello, friends here in his article we are going to tell you some tricks and tips on how you can Easley rank your free fire id in the rank game you can Easley get the heroic banner by doing some normal things and tricks so let us start the article and let us get known. How to Rank quickly in Free Fire

Rank quickly in Free Fire
Rank quickly in Free Fire

Surviving till the last

Be it the ranked or classic modes, surviving till the end and getting the Booyah matters the most while gathering EXP. Players who stay till the end and get the Booyah accumulate more EXPs than those who acquire more kills and die early. Hence.

It is recommended that gamers play safely and try to survive till the last stages.

Of a round to gain the most EXP from each match.

Playing More ranked matches

Players can always play more and more Ranked matches to boost their EXP levels. It has been checked and observed that the amount of EXP gained.

In a classic match is way lesser than the EXP gained from a ranked game. Playing the Team Deathmatch mode can also offer a significant boost in EXP levels.

Use EXP cards in your free fire id

Using EXP cards is the best option that players can use to level up faster in Free Fire. There are two types of EXP cards. One boosts the EXP gained after each match by 50%, and the other increases the same by 100%.

Play safe

always play in cover of the houses or it the cover of tree to protect yourself when the enemies hits you so you can easly heal your self in the cover of that object.

New take fight with enemies

Hello freinds if you want to play safe and win the game then do not get or take the unwanted fight with the other players.

So you can be safe and there was a high chance that you can win the game a get the booyah!

Better gun combination

If you want to win the rank game then you have a knowledge of selection of the gun.

If your gun combinations are poor then you can definitely killed by the others. try to take a short and long range gun both.

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