How to get yourself rank up in the COD

Rank Up In The COD The Call on Duty Mobile Game has been the favorite of the players since of its launch. The COD includes the two playable modes in it— The Team Deathmatch and The Battle Royale. Both of the m0de includes the rank tiers such as rookie, veteran, pro, and legendary. The rank increased when the player crosses the levels.

Every player wants an increase in their growth and wants better stats while climbing up in the Call of Duty Mobile Game.

Rank Up In The COD
Rank Up In The COD

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tips to rank up quickly in COD Mobile

Gun selection inside game

One of the best ways of winning the battle was the weapon used in the game. If you are trying to rank up yourself in the COD Mobile with kill points and with the battle points, for this you should only use the guns that are at the top of the list.

The example of, one of the best guns in this game in the current situation was SMG known as the Cordite. Thanks to the developer for such kind of destructive fire rate and viability, this gun has destroyed the opponents within a few seconds. Such types of weapons can be used and help you to get higher stats.

Play with friends and your teammates

If the players want to rank up quickly, they should have to finish each game as quickly as possible.

And have to achieve the maximum number of the battle points.

By doing this, the players have to play alongside with the teammates, by creating a four to five players’ group.

 Loadout perks

Loadout perks are the most incredibly vital when it comes to the skill set of a player.

The technical ability, and the movement speed in the COD Mobile Game. The player needs the top perks in their loadout.



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