How To Get Wet Sponge In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Sponges are a very useful item used to remove water, and it turns into a wet sponge. Sponges are reusable, suppose if a sponge sucks water it becomes a sponge, but it can be turned back into the normal state and used again.

A wet sponge can’t be made with crafting table or furnace instead of crafting this item you have to gather from different locations, and it sucks lots of water up to 7 blocks. Let us learn how and where we can find sponge in Minecraft game.

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How To Get Wet Sponge In Minecraft?

For this tutorial we have 2 methods by which we can get wet sponges in Minecraft.

1. Wet Sponges In Ocean Monument

In Ocean Monument (Guardian Temple) the wet sponge grow naturally. It is found in the Deep Ocean, Deep Lukewarm Ocean and Deep Cold Ocean biomes.

Ocean Monument (Guardian Temple)

Once you visit the Ocean Monument, look for the sponges growing in the temple. Once it is found, dig up for the wet sponges. For digging, the keyboard shortcut control (right click) can be used.

dig up for the wet sponges

2. Find Elder Guardian

In the Guardian Temple you will find elder gurdian, and here you have to attack the elder guardian. After every hit its color will change into pink after getting damaged.

Find Elder Guardian

Just chase and attack the elder guardian, and after finishing the elder guardian it may drop a wet sponge, prismarine crystals, or prismarine shards.

These items disappear, so it is advised to pick up as soon as possible. The dropped items are very useful and can be used for various purposes, so it is better to put them in inventory instead of leaving it away.

drop a wet sponge

That’s all about How To Get Wet Sponge In Minecraft. If you have any further queries about this tutorial, please let us know about it in the below comments, and we will find the best solutions for you. For now, there are only 2 methods to find the wet sponges.

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