How to get the Brutal medal (COD)

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There are 85 medals in COD Mobile, of which 42 can be acquired in the Multiplayer mode. Players can earn them by performing a specific task or a series of them. The Brutal medal is one of the most challenging medals to acquire in the game, and it requires an insane amount of skill to complete the constraint of this medal. get the Brutal medal

get the Brutal medal

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Steps to obtain the Brutal medal in COD Mobile

The Brutal medal is a killstreak medal in the Multiplayer section of COD Mobile.

It can only be earned by completing a specified task, which is to kill 25 enemies in a row in a single Multiplayer match without dying.

Players can follow these steps to get the Brutal medal in COD Mobile:

  1. They need to select the Multiplayer mode in COD Mobile and gather a squad, either with friends or random teammates. This increases the chance of surviving to obtain 25 consecutive kills.
  2. Players need to equip their loadout of choice.
  3. They must then select any of the available Multiplayer maps and start the game.
  4. Players must kill 25 enemies consecutively without dying to earn the medal.

Earning the Brutal medal is nearly unattainable for novice players and is also a tough job for the professionals as well. Killing 25 enemies without dying in a single match is not as easy as it sounds. Players need a great amount of skill and patience to acquire it.

Here are some tips to max out the chances of getting the Brutal medal in COD Mobile:

  1. Set the perks in Loadout to Vulture, Persistence, and Hardline. These perks will allow players to have high chances of survival throughout the game.
  2. Use scorestreaks like Sentry Gun and VTOL to earn kills as fast as possible.
  3. Survival is the primary aim to acquire this medal, and hence players should have a defensive strategy and reach the 20 kills mark and then earn the Nuke to achieve this medal.

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