The players of Free Fire would really love to read this post, all the materials in this post was related to get the diamonds in the game-play for free. So, I think if you are a Free Fire player then you have to give some of your time to this post. As every player knows that Free Fire has an extensive and huge collection of cosmetics in the game-in. free damonds in Free Fire

free damonds in Free Fire

And most of the cosmetics and items required the diamonds by the players; the diamonds is one of the currencies of in-game cosmetics. Moreover, they can also purchase the “Elite Pass” for using it. As if you are a Free Fire p[layer then you were very aware from this fact that, the diamonds are not come in free.

The players will have to spend their money to get the diamonds, which isn’t a feasible option for everyone. Hence, they look for alternative ways to obtain the currency for free.

Getting diamonds for free in Free Fire

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the best and the most used application by the players, the users have to complete the straightforward and short surveys in the app. After completing the surveys the players can earn Google Play Credits, they can later use these credits to purchase Diamonds in Free Fire.


 To earn rewards from Swagbucks the players would have to complete the various surveys and also give answers of daily polls, watching videos, and conducting daily searches. Swagbucks is a trusted GPT (Get-paid-to) website

Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is a prominent GPT website, and it functions similarly to that of Swagbucks. The players have get the points in response of completing the tasks.


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