How to get DJ Alok

Hello, friends here in this article we are going to discuss the most demanding free fire character name Alok we all know that in the free fire the most demanding character was Alok. Hello friends we all know that after the launching of Alok in the free-fire the craze and downloads of the free-fire were getting too much. Because the Alok was the unique character that was launched in the free fire game. How to get Alok

How to get DJ Alok

Any other game will not still introduce this type of character in their game that’s why the demand of the free fire was also increases.

The ability of the Alok was increase=se HP or health of the player after every 50 seconds.

How to get DJ Alok

To get the DJ Alok for your game you will have to spend some amount you have to spend 599 diamonds which you can buy in the 480 Indian rupees. Or for 6 $. You have to visit at your store and then go to the character’s screen and simply buy it for your free fire id.

How to get it for free.

If you want a free Dj Alok for your free fire I because you do not have sufficient money to invest and buy it for your free fire id then you can also get it for the you tubers we all see that there are many you tubers who organize the giveaways for their watcher you only have to. Visit on their YouTube channel and then you have to participate on there quiz which they organize or you have to give your free fire id. Uid number and request then to top up on your free fire or giveaway the free DJ Alok on your free fire id.

This is all you can do for getting the DJ Alok this are the best methods to get a DJ Alok for your free fire id.



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