How To Get Apples In Minecraft?

This article is the complete guide on how to get apples in Minecraft game. Apples are an important food item in Minecraft that restore 4 hunger of the player on eating. The nourishment value of apple is lower than potatoes, pie and raw meats, even then most people prefer apple as their favourite food item.

Like all the other crafting items, apple can’t be crafted using a furnace and crafting table. So you have to gather it in the game by various methods, oak tree is one of the major source of apple.

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How To Get Apple In Minecraft?

Step 1: Find an Oak tree/Dark oak tree

Find an Oak tree/Dark oak tree

Step 2: Pick any cutting tool (Axe or anything)
Step 3: Chop the oak tree (You can also use your hand, but it takes too much time)

Chop the oak tree

Step 4: Pickup the fallen apple from the Oak tree

Pickup the fallen apple from the Oak tree

Note: You will not get an apple after chopping the first tree. Sometimes you have to chop multiple trees. So keep chopping as many trees until you got the apple.

It is believed that Dark oak tree has more probability of getting apple. So instead of chopping oak tree, look for dark oak trees and grab lots of apples in less time.

That’s all about how to get apples in Minecraft. If you have any further queries about the game, please let us know about it and we will find the best solution for it. For your safety, always keep some apples in your inventory so that your character won’t run out of hunger.

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