How To Get A Tank In Fortnite? (All Tanks Location)

This article is the complete guide on How to get a tank in Fortnite, along with all the locations of Titan Tanks in Fortnite. To make the game more interesting, Fortnite keeps on bringing new items to the game. Here we have a brand-new vehicle Titan Tanks, fully loaded with weapons, that deals with massive damage to the opponent and provides variety of options to attack.

Currently, the Titan Tank is the most powerful weapon of Fortnite that have the ability to finish off anything that comes in front of it. It also has lots of features such as Thermal Radiation, Missile Launch, Gun Fire and also protects as a shield when you are into it. You can identify enemies location even if they are hiding behind something with thermal radiation features.

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How To Get A Tank In Fortnite? (All Tanks Location)

Titan Tank Locations In Fortnite

In Fortnite Titan Tanks is located at various places, here are all the locations where you can find the titan tank in fortnite:

  1. Commander Cavern
  2. The Fortress
  3. Tilted Towers
  4. Rocky Reels
  5. Condo Canyon
  6. The Daily Bugle
  7. Coney Crossroads

How To Use Tank In Fortnite?

The titan tank is a 4 seater vehicle, where one player will be controlling the movement of tanks, another player will be controlling the machine gun on top whereas the rest 2 players will be the passengers.

It is same as all the other vehicles, but it comes with some extra option such as thermal aiming, by which you can reveal the locations of the players hiding behind something.

After having so many amazing features, there are some drawbacks too. If you are taking it out of the driving tracks, it will become difficult for you to move it from one to another place. So drive safely and maintain your position over tracks.

That’s all about the tank in Fortnite, if you have any further queries about the Titan Tanks in Fortnite, please let us know. The tank is just amazing if you are using it smartly and your opponent might also have one tank, so you have to be utilize it smartly.

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