How to enable cross-play on PC, PS4, Xbox for Outriders cross-platform

There are many players who did not know How to enable cross-play on PC, PS4, Xbox for Outriders cross-platform, so in this post we are going to tell you guys about how you are able to enable the cross-play. The steps are very easy, as the players would know that activating the Outriders Cross Platform is the only way to play Outriders with players on different consoles and gaming systems.

Outriders cross-platform

Outrider’s players have the advantage of being able to play with their friends, thanks to its cross play feature. We want to tell you that the setup is pretty straightforward, and it’s pretty easy to connect with others. Players on consoles can still use this Outriders Cross Platform method to play with each other.

And Epic Games players can still play with Steam players until then. The best decision is to enable Outrider Cross Platform so that players will be ready when the developer can fix it.

Players only need to follow the steps below, to enable Outriders Cross Platform capabilities.

These steps are:

  1. From the lobby menu, select Options
  2. Choose the Gameplay tab
  3. Scroll down until Enable Crossplay appears on the list.
  4. Head back to the main screen and choose to Play With Friends on the right-hand side
  5. Play With Friends opens up the friend’s list and shows players who is online
  6. You can also join a random team from this menu instead.
  7. Click generates your game code and shares the eight-character code with your buddies to host a game.
  8. To join a friend’s lobby, players only need to ask their friend for their lobby code, and select join a game using code to input the password and team up with other players.

These steps are very easy to follow, with the help of these steps the player can easily activate the cross play.

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