How to Download Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0 Version? Patch Note Updates

Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0 Apk is out to Download, and you can take it here. Right now we got 1.1.0 Beta Apk for Android which needs around 1.36Gb space. And also you will need to make 5gb to 7Gb space total on the phone.

We will provide you with the Link just make sure you are using Wi-Fi or Hotspot. This Beta version is Global and open for download all over the world. The Link to Download Pubg mobile Beta is given below, check it out.

Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0 new updates in pubg latest news

Here Is The Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0 Patch Notes

New Metro Royale mode:

  1. Maps: Two unique new maps
  2. New equipment: New Thermal Sight and Night Vision equipment/New Tikka Rifle…
  3. New challenges: Watch out for the Agile bandits/Special monsters… And more.

Metro Royale Non-Battle System:

  1. New System – Mode Loadout: Equipment configured in the loadout can be brought into battle…
  2. New System – Black Market: The Black Market is the exclusive Metro Royale shop… And more. Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0 will be also adding some more detailed map feature such as detailed texture packs for buildings and environment.

Classic Mode Themed Gameplay:

  1. Winter Festival-New Winter Castle Paradise…
  2. Visit the Winter Festival hut and gift pine tree… And more.

Classic Mode Additions & Improvements:

  1. New item: Spike Trap…
  2. Melee weapons can be thrown or picked up and put into players’ Backpacks… And more.
how to download Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0 for android and iOS

Steps To Download PUBG Mobile Update 1.1.0 Beta Version:

  • Download the Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0 data file from the Below Button.
  • Navigate to the download folder.
  • Click on downloaded file
  • Allow installation of unknown sources, by navigating to settings>safety, and privacy> Install apps from Unknown Sources
  • The installation process will take up to 5-10 minutes, depending on your phone performance.
  • After completion of the installation, Open the PUBG Mobile beta app and Sign In using the Guest account.
  • Boom, You have now become an early beta tester of 1.1.0 version.

Note: There’s no need to uninstall the standard version of PUBG Mobile.

Also Check my Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0 Video On YouTube

How to download pubg mobile beta 1.1.0 update

Pubg mobile is a widely played game with more than 15million active installations from India. The player base for pubg mobile is good and quite active enough. But as central government of India banned pubg mobile there was huge disgrace to the game. Moreover the game was banned by govt of India due to some privacy policy issues. Similarly the central government accused the game in charges of data mining and selling to hackers. This lead to a permanent ban on the Chinese game.

What is new in this Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0 update?

The game is showing many updated versions here with more than 70+ new updates which will show some amazing features. This includes realistic graphic upgrades. Moreover it’s also expected to see some graphic texture imports from PUBG Pc version.

So now this game is showing some good progress on making the environment look attractive and realistic.

Pubg Mobile 1.1 Beta Fix Notes: New Battle Royal Mode, Ongoing Interaction with Exemplary Mode Theme and that’s just the tip of the icebergI these all updates took a while to launch and stabalized as per marrick den. Marrick den is senior developer at tencent games and he inspects the game regularly. Moreover he also have experience in debugging and glitch fixings.

New social share options in pubg new updates.

now after new update from pubg mobile there are many good Features like Share Icons Share WhatsApp Share Icons, Facebook Share Icons, Twitter Share Icons and other icons to share your results or quick invite to friends.

Moreover the design team and game engine stability and acute working is essential for ease in gaming experience. Therefore, its not new that updates are taking much time and does not show any dominant new features. Adding new texture packs and new gun stats in games have a decent amount of work. So it’s not easy to add new features and moreover stabilization of these things. Engineers have unveiled fix notes for PUBG Mobile 1.1 Beta.

More detailed news will be in the air from tencent on their YouTube channel or their twitter handle. So this updates they are focusing on making sure that new updates remain secret and nobody can access them.The new growth of this presentation includes another mode and ongoing interactive changes.

More news on YouTube channels and other offical handles.

Pubji Mobile’s engineers turn on updates as often as possible to get a lot of new highlights and keep players locked. After the exceptionally fruitful PUBG Mobile 1.0 Era update, which went live a month ago, the engineers decided to take note of the game’s beta conversion notes, i.e., 1.1, which will receive a whole host of enthusiastic changes.

The beta testing is ending soon and the game will be live again. These updates will be Directly added in actual game without any changes. But contracts texture packs and new graphics are about to see some changes cause of the heating issues face while testing on a wide range of samsung android devices. With the beta’s fixed notes now out its good to hear. But it may soon be delivering game update for players to test and access the new unknown highlights.

pubg mobile kr version1
pubg mobile kr version

Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0 rumours and truth

These points were distributed to Discord community of PUBG Mobile Beta. These notes are still accepting new invitation from their active server. So it’s really necessary that you visit their website and get to know about it. Moreover, on that server if you go under the generally posted notification. Basically you will be seeing a update page Therefore getting latest updates.

New Battle Royal mode with new rules

New Guide: Two Novel Maps New Gear: New Thermal Vision / Night Vision Hardware and New Tikka Rifle. Tikka rifle has better firing range and stability than other guns in class such as M762 and AKM RIFLES. Gun update was basically Focus on gun stat stabilization and balancing the odd things

Further insights into the individual parts, hardware, and difficulties of these guides were not available at this stage. Therefore we don’t have any intel or new updates on Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0 but still this was a long article posting all the lastes and known updates a and patch notes from tencent. Hence now everyone that is interestingly amusing in game is happy that new update is here.

New Metro Royale non-fight framework in Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0

New System – Mode Loadout: Players will have the option to load pre-designed gear into the loadout. Also New System – Black Market: This is the selected shop of Metro Royal Shop. Royal shop will give option to players to get a in-game shop with a in-game Currency. This is great to make it easy for players to find new guns and attachment. Moreover, this update will bring a highly active environment in game leading to a best gaming experience.

The subtleties of the black market are not yet accessible. So Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0 is made easy for players to gather resources and battle intensely on the battlefield. So now they can fight easily without requiring to search and adapt to guns as they find them

frer1 pubg mobile beta

conclusion on Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0

To sum up , ongoing Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0 interactions with exemplary mode themes. These are faces to share some basic information on game update as well. So stay tuned and hope that we get more amazing features in next update.

Winter Festival: New Winter Palace Paradise Players can visit the Winter Festival Halland then some. Exemplary mode increases and enrichments

New story: Spike Trap players can get or get coin tossing weapons and therefore return them to Roxack and from there the sky is the limit. Hence Watch the video below on Lucky Man to learn about fix notes you are also encourage to read: The three most difficult titles to get in PUBG Mobile after the New Age update are now free to access.


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