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Hello friends we all know that on 26 Jan, nCORE Games Faug Game Released On Play Store. Click Here To Download Faug

, a mobile games and interactive entertainment company whose original base and  based out of Bangalore, will announced that  FAU-G or Fearless and United – Guards, which is developed with the mentorship of superstar Akshay Kumar. Also, 20% of the net revenue generated from it would be donated to ‘Bharat Ke Veer: India’s Brave hearts’ trust.

FAU-G is yet to release
FAU-G is yet
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FAU-G is yet to release in India, and all the existing APK

In these days you all can see that there are many myths which are too much popular in country was that the official apk file of faug was released. And download from it from here. So the developers of faug ncore games will officially announced on their original website and twitter handle that they will not release any apk files related to faug game. And also write that if anyone will spread the fake news will definitely get the penalties. For that. And also request to the players to do not download the game. From any site nighters it harms their devices.

The main aim of the hackers is to hack the mobile or any other devices of the player to make control of it. So this is requesting to all the players to do not download the game from any where other. When the game was launched you can see it on the google playestore.a nd the official website of ncore.


The apps circulating on the internet are fake and can also harm your device. Therefore, players have been advised to stay away from such fake APKs of FAU-G.Only Download From Play stores



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