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  Call of duty mobile releases on October 1st 2019 Call of duty just released their new update where all the bugs were fixed, If PUBG Mobile doesn’t ban hackers or do as they should’ve done a long time ago Maybe there won’t be any chance for Call of duty mobile But We never know what may happen. 

Here’re 2 Methods to download/ update Call of duty mobile latest version. Method 1 (Both Android & iOS) If you haven’t downloaded or installed cod mobile Go to Method 2.

Method 1:

Step1 : Go to your play store app settings In Setting > App settings > Play store.

Step 2 : Click on Force Stop and clear all data and cache then go Home screen Please don’t open play store without Step 3.

Step 3 : Open any VPN that you like And connect to one of the following servers : Australia, Canada, or Peru.

Step 4 : Once the VPN is connected then open your Play store and search Call of duty mobile And Update!! Wait till update is over and installed then disconnect VPN.

Step 5 : If you get “Not released in your area” Then download Moded UFO premium apk And connect to Peru server you’ll be good to Go!.

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Method 2:

Step 1 : Install tap tap app (download it from google Chrome or any browser).

 Step 2 : Search Call of duty mobile and then Click the US version of Cod mobile.

Step 3 : Click on the Try button on pop-up message will appear click on agree. It’ll start downloading Cod mobile. 

Step 4 : After download install cod mobile app see step 5 for No errors.

Step 5 : Download Moded Premium UFO VPN from Google chrome or any browser and install it Then Connect to “Peru Server”

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Click Here To Download Tap Tap Application

Here are Some Leaks Of Upcoming COD Mobile



Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass

  • In Above Picture its Lobby of the Call Of Duty Mobile Like Pubg Mobile Lobby.
  • Here is Some Type of options for Maps Modes, Battle pass, new player login rewards and more .

  • Above picture you can buy the premium pass with 800 cp and premium plus in 2000 cp
  • Also You Get Free Battle Pass But That Pass contains some limited rewards

  • Here Is The First Look Of the Battle pass of the call of duty mobile.
  • Here is two type of tier First is Free and Other is Premium.
  • In free tier You Get 200 Rank and if you upgrade premium tier then you get 500 tier rank. 

  • In Above picture you get free rewards Because its new event of call of duty mobile.
  • In free rewards you get guns skins, Bags skin, Emote and more



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