How to Download 1.4 Pubg Mobile Beta Apk: Godzilla vs Kong, New Map

Pubg mobile Beta apk is live right now you can download the apk to test out new features in-game. We are going to talk about new features in this article if you don’t want to install the apk. You can also check out my video on the creative pavan channel link is given below. As we continue our journey in pubg mobile and How to Download 1.4 Pubg. As you know every update brings new things. This time around it’s the two Titans Godzilla vs Kong.

The mobile game is ready to launch new things to spice up the game to bring variety so gamers don’t get bored out. With the new launch of Beta apk, there will be Godzilla and probably Kong spawning in-game. Basically, there will be spots on the map where Godzilla will span and you will be able to interact with him. According to the source, Godzilla will spawn in the Erangel whereas King Kong will spawn on the Sanhok map.

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Pubg Mobile beta Godzilla and Kong

You will be able to see it walking on the map. Godzilla is so huge that its toenails are bigger than the player height. Godzilla will also spawn in the lobby, you can see it emerge from the seafloor. It will show the animation of Godzilla Attacking with the nuclear-charged attack in the sky.

Aliens will spawn besides Godzilla which will attack you if you are close. You can attack this alien to get loot drops. Also, there is an animation where Godzilla attacks the aliens with it nuclear beam attack. When the Godzilla attacks, Crystals drop down from his body, which you can collect and use as grenades. The crystals blow up when they are thrown like grenades. You can experience all these in the Beta Apk Download Link is given below. You can watch the video below to find out more information.

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