How to change the character in COD

The Call on Duty Mobile Game has always been on the favorite list because of its attractiveness, the guns which are alluring, the characters in the games, and the back-pack skins. Change The Character In COD

Most of these characters and guns are obtained by the players by completing the short events, and a specified score.

These gifts include the legendary and epic skins characters which are earnable for free. When a player starts the game of Call of Duty Mobile.

they are provided a default character with who they used to be in the game.

Change The Character In COD
call of duty
Change The Character In COD

The characters in the game show the player’s personality and the characters also help the players to look attractive in the game, this creates a more impressive gameplay experience.

How to change the characters in the COD Mobile Game

The players are able to choose the character according to their preferences. It was fully his/her choice that which character was chosen:

• The first step, open the COD Mobile Game on your device.

  • Next step, click on the load out option, appears at the bottom of the interface.

•   After that, click on the Ops box, available on the screen.

  1. You’ll see that an interface will appear in front of you contains a character list. Tap on the character which you preferred.
  2. After these steps click on the “CUSTOMIZE” button option on the right-side.
  3. Following the above option, tap the “EQUIP” button for the selection of the character. After this step, you are able to use your favorite character.

COD Mobile of season 11, the players have only three characters that are readily available to choose from at the time when they start and join the game.

But it depends upon the player if they play well and raise their level up XP and buys some more new characters from the store and unlock the characters.

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