How To Change Minecraft Camera View?

This is the complete tutorial on How To Change Camera View (Perspective) in Minecraft for better experience. Minecraft offers two types of camera perspective in the game, but by default it is set to First Person View, Which looks weird sometimes, especially when you are playing a computer game for the first time.

There isn’t any direct option to change camera angle in Minecraft, that’s why we will be using the keyboard shortcut to change the camera perspective and improve gaming experience of Minecraft. Let us see how to change the perspective view:

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Types Of Minecraft Perspective

There are three types of camera view in Minecraft here is how they look like in the game.

1. First Person View

In the first person view, you experience the game from the in-game character perspective, in which the body of the character is hidden behind the camera only the hand is visible or if they are holding something.

2. Third Person Rear View

In the third person rear view, you experience the game from the from character real view. With this view the character’s back is visible to you.

3. Third Person View

In the third person view it seems like you are facing the character, with this perspective the character front side is visible to the player.

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How To Change Minecraft Camera View?

Step 1: Start the game
Step 2: Create a new World
Step 3: Press F5 Key available on your keyboard
Step 4: It will change First-Person Perspective into Third-Person Perspective
Step 5: Use the F5 Key again to toggle the camera view easily

The camera view will change in an order when you press F5 Key, the order of changes are in following order: First Person → Third Person Rear → Third Person → First Person.

For this game, personally I like the either First Person or Third Person Rear depending upon situation, but the third-person view is the weirdest experience I have had ever in this game.

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This is how you can easily change Minecraft Camera angle with the help of a Keyboard shortcut. If you are facing any issue while change the perspective view, let us know the issue, and we will solve it for you.

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