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how to become pro in pubg PC

hello friends we all know that to play pubg on mobile was easier then to play pubg in the PC. because their controls are too much fast and to handle it is not that much easy. become pro in pubg PC

here in this article we are going to know how to become pro in PC on the game play of pubg PC.

become pro in pubg PC
become pro in pubg PC

1: You need to grind hard real hard a at least 3 hrs of practice in training ground to know your weapons and to improve skill and most important .

to make yourself capable of using almost every weapons even crossbow You need to practice in classic too. And yeah don’t. Forget to buy good headphones hyper x is best and under budget and recommend by most of e Sports player. (become pro in pubg PC)

2: Turn off aim assist like me (even though I am not that pro) and practice hip fire, recoil conroll, spray tansfer, jiggle moment, and practice sniping be it quick scope or flick practice.

3: You need to play all the maps be it erangel, Miramar, vekendi or shanhok. Try to know maps each and every part of map must be known to you. Take out a poster of Every map with location of vechles.

4: Know your enemies aka predict movement of enimies.

5: This might sound weird but you must improve hearing skill like a Shaolin monk trust your ears.

6: Improve your playzone moment aka find yourself a best area in playzone you know what I mean area where there is .

cover and from where you can make angle to all the enemies.

7: You got good device good internet improve your reflex, you must not hesitate to turn back and fire enemy which is fireing at you. and etc,,,



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