As there are many guys who were very woken up to their fitness and health, they were very conscious of themselves. This was a digital revolution that has been brought for much health and there were many health devices are made in this digital world. These devices were now including the fitness bands; the fitness bands can help you guys with your health and fitness. In this race the Honor Band 5 fitness band was list up, this device has the Bluetooth. HONOR BAND 5


NFC Syncing feature along with an Upto 14 Days battery life (100 mAh) battery. The display type is AMOLED. There were many features that were involved in this fitness band.

This was water resistance and was syncing with the Bluetooth and NFC Syncing. There was good battery power. device can last up to 14 days and has 100 mAh battery power. This Honor Band 5 has tracked the activities of the users, the activities which have been tracking includes the Steps, the Heart Rate, and the Exercising of the users.

Along with these, it has a charging cable, a warranty card, and a user manual which help the customers to know how to operate the fitness band.  The weight of this device was very light the customer can easily carry this device on their hand; the weight of this device was about 22 grams. This was compatible with Os on the Android v4.4, and on iOS. The shape of this Honor Band 5 was a rectangle and flat design and comes in a very classic look.

The Honor Band 5 can be charged up by the help of the USB charger.

And the battery life of the device was lasts up to 14 days. The dimensions of this device was about 43 x 17.2 x 11.5 mm.



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