Hoenn: Top 3 Psychic Pokemon

This article was about Hoenn: Top 3 Psychic Pokemon, Psychic-type Pokemon are some of the most powerful creatures in any Generation or region of the franchise.

Hoenn: Top 3 Psychic Pokemon


Gardevoir was one of the most final forms of the Ralts which was introduced by Gallade in Generation IV. It will also put its life on the line for its trainer if they are in danger. As well as it is able to see the future, create black holes, and distort dimensions, all with its psychic abilities. It has a base Special Attack of 125 and Special Defense of 115. While in battle, this is a Pokemon who could dominate the Hoenn region. As well as Gardevoir has a huge variety of strong Psychic-type attacks at its disposal, making it a threat to any opponent. A Speed of 80 isn’t too shabby either.


The Deoxys is an alien, formed by the mutation of a virus in outer space. Deoxys is a Psychic-type Mythical Pokemon from Hoenn. While odd, Deoxys is a powerful being. It has three different forms and is a very strange creature. While there have insanely high stats across all forms with the base total being 600. It can regenerate body parts, create an aurora, and use psychokinetic powers.  The stat points are spread differently throughout the forms. While it is said to be one of the most intelligent Pokemon in existence.


Metagross is one of the best pseudo-Legendary Pokemon ever added to the series. A 600 base stat total makes it one of the most powerful creatures around. This massive Steel/Psychic-type has a catch rate on par with the majority of Legendary and Mythicals.

Metagross is said to be the result of two Metangs fusing together. That is horrifying to think of. It is also said to use its mouth to chew and rip its victims to pieces.

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