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Hayato vs. Kelly

Hello freinds we all know that free fire was the top leading battle royal online game in this era or in 2020 so here we are going to decide to tell you the comparison of the characters of the free fire yaw freinds here we are going to compare the most played free fire character vs the most fast running character of the free fire. so lets stat the article without wasting your previous time so lets start the article on Hayato vs. Kelly and one more things freinds  i want to tell and remind you if you are new in this website and liked the way we write the contents then please like the page and subscribe it friends .

Hayato vs. Kelly
Hayato vs. Kelly

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 Hayato Firebrand

Hayato is one of the most popular and powerful characters with some mpressive abilities in the game. As on his description reads, we reads he is a legendary samurai with an ability called Bushido. As well as Hayato can be upgraded to an awakened version.

And the upgraded version of Hayato is called Hayato Firebrand. Hayato Firebrand uses an active ability of Hayato, which is called the Art of Blades.


While as per her Free Fire character description, Kelly is an athlete and sprinter with a passive ability called Dash. At the primary level, her ability allows her to increase the sprinting speed by 1%. At her maximum level of level 6, her sprinting speed is increased by 6%.

Kelly was later reintroduced in the game with an awakened version of herself called Kelly “The Swift.” This upgraded version of Kelly has a passive ability called Deadly Velocity, 

where the ability is activated after seven seconds of sprinting. The first one shot on the target causes damage of 110% and lasts for five seconds.



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