Gyan Sujan Vs. X-Mania who is better

Gyan Sujan Vs. X-Mania both two are the most popular free fire you tuber of free fire in India. Who have millions of subscribers on their YouTube channels?

In this blog post we are going to know each and every part of the free fire id of both of the free fire player’s to, we compare the stats of both YouTube’s in Garena Free Fire. so lets discuss on Gyan Sujan Vs. X-Mania

 Gyan Sujan’s Free Fire ID

Gyan Sujan’s Free Fire ID number was 70393167.

Gyan Sujan vs. X-Mania
Gyan Sujan Vs. X-Mania

Gyan Sujan has played 15911 squad games till now in their free fire id and    has booyah in 5862 squad matches of them, with the win rate of 36.84%. With over unbelievable 52886 kills, he has a K/D rate of 5.26. % which was really high. In the ratio of his played games.

So let’s talk on the duo mode, he has played 1993 games and has 451 incredible booyah’s, which gives the win rate of 22.62%.  To Mr. Gyan sujan id and He has killed up 5212 players on his opposite side with a K/D ratio of 3.38. %

 And In the solo mode, Gyan played 1275 solo games and has registered 153 booyah who making his win rate of 12%. He has killed 2180 players of his opponents and maintained a K/D ratio of 1.94.

X-Mania’s Free Fire ID

X-Mania’s Free Fire ID number was 97762833.

 Gyan Sujan vs. X-Mania
Gyan Sujan Vs. X-Mania

X-Mania has played 8624 squad games and has booyah in 2046 games, which maintains a win rate of 23.72%. He has anonymous 26390 kills, and maintains the K/D ratio of 4.01. %

He also playas  2674 duo games and 471 games he will booyah ,  which makes making his win rate 17.61%. He kills 7800 players in his opponents and has maintained a K/D ratio of 3.54. %

The You Tuber has also booyah 398 matches in the 2856 solo games he has played, which maintains a win rate of 13.93%. He has also killed 8048 opponents in this solo mode with a K/D ratio of 3.27. %

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