The game-play of the GTA Online was unforgiving, this was truly very challenging for the new players in the game. This article was for those players who were new and they have to know about the things that will ensure that they land on their feet and rise to the top of Los Santos’ criminal underground as quickly and painlessly as possible. GTA Online players

 GTA Online players
GTA Online players

Complete 2x or 3x RP and money events

There is a weekly bonus highlight feature in the game of GTA Online which carry 2x or 3x money and RP. Newer players should check these out every week and play them to gather some quick cash. This was the most important event which usually nets more cash than a standard contact mission without bonus.

 Invest in a CEO Office and warehouse early

Once if the player has gather a huge amount of money, the CEO office was the gateway to roll out in the huge bucks. After the purchase of the CEO office the players were enough capable to setting up their cargo.

Vehicle, and gunrunning businesses along with high payout VIP work.

Get a good starter car

This was one of the first and important thing in the GTA Online which the player will be told to steal a car from the street and make it their own.

This choice is very important as initially, players have to really struggle to put together cash. Without a house or garage, they can only store one car at a time.

This does limit the player’s options but there are many other viable cars which the player can choose for them from such as:

  • Vapid Dominator
  • Zion Cabrio
  • Benefactor Schwartzer
  • Ocelot F620
  • Ocelot Jackal



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