GTA Online: Most rare outfits

For some reason, outfits are overwhelmingly underrated in GTA Online. Sure, they are not crucial for survival, but a little fashion here and there never hurt anybody. Deadly weapons and vintage-themed cars make up the most significant essence of GTA Online, but classic outfits are just as important. And the truth is that criminals in GTA Online are, well, criminals and have more money than anyone else in the entire world. GTA Online: Most rare outfits

GTA Online: Most rare outfits

The Rockstar V neck t-shirt

By the end, the player who has the most number of kills wins the Deathmatch and gets not only the outfit as a reward but also a good deal of in-game cash.
Players can acquire the rare and much-sought-after Rockstar V neck t-shirt by doing a Rockstar verified job. Racing is another typical Rockstar verified job. Deathmatch is one of the most popular Rockstar verified jobs in GTA Online. It involves multiple players, a maximum of 16, fighting each other.

The Blue Epsilon

The Blue Epsilon is another super cool and rare outfit in GTA Online. Restrooms located in the nightclub will all have an attendant, who, if the player tips over 500 times, will, out of thankfulness, gifts them the epic Blue Epsilon. To unlock it, players have to go to a nightclub and head directly to the restroom.

Bug star Suit

Fans have to agree that the Bug star Jumpsuit is to-die-for classy. The company spreads bug eggs to create infestations that they can then charge people for taking care of. Who knew people who spent day and night planning heists and killing others could rock such a simple dress that seems to scream casualness. To acquire the Bug star suit, players need to own a pair of red overalls – bought from the local clothing store. Bug star is a pest-control company in GTA Online, which is, as the rumor goes, built on unethical grounds.



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