Google Stadia vs PlayStation vs Xbox 2019

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We are here to compare the features of the three virtual gaming brand options Google Stadia with PlayStation and Xbox in 2019 and why you would eventually prefer Google Stadia over the other two.

A brief description of the three games:

Google Stadia is a cloud gaming platform by Google which lets users play the game without actually having to have that required hardware to that specific game. You can play the game on the chrome browsers on desktops, smartphones, tablets, or on TVs. 

PlayStation is a gaming console made by Sony. It consists of home video game consoles, media center, an online service, and various controllers, magazines, handhelds, phones, etc.

Xbox consists of a series of video games and consoles developed by Microsoft.

What games do they offer?

Mostly each one offers action-oriented games. PlayStation and Xbox being a veteran in the gaming world comparatively offer more than 1000 games, whereas Google stadia being still under development (official expected release is in Nov 2019) offers more than 36 games at the moment

Similarities in a chart format:

 Google StadiaXboxPlayStation
Subscription and PriceStadia Pro – $9.99 per monthXbox Live – $9.99 per monthPlaystation Plus – $9.99 per month
Framerateup to 60fps (may support higher fps in the future)up to 60fpsup to 60fps
Video Output4K HDR(8k support announced)4K HDR4K HDR
Nature of Games offeredAction-orientedAction-orientedAction-oriented

Dis-similarities in a chart format:

 Google StadiaXboxPlayStation
Retail Price$129 (Founder’s Edition Only)$399 – $499 USD$399 USD
CPUCustom x86 ProcessorHyperthreadedAVX 2~2.7GHz8-Core
x86 CPU
8 x86 AMD “Jaguar”
~2.1 GHz
Internet Requirement10Mbps Minimum (For 720p)20-35Mbps Recommended (for 1080p and higher)N/AN/A
DimensionsW: 11.8in
L: 9.4in
H: 2.3in
L: 12.8in
H: 2in
Optical DriveN/A4K UHD BluRayBluRay
4K Blu-ray?N/AYesNo
Hard DriveCloud Storage 1TB 2.5″ HDD1 TB 2.5″ HDD
Compatible ControllersStadia will work with any USB controllerAny controller made for Xbox OneAny controller made for PS4
Release DateExpected to be Nov 2019Nov 2001Dec 1994
Released byGoogleMicrosoftSony Interactive Entertainment

Why Google Stadia?

If we look at the dis-similarities in the above table we can clearly see that Google Stadia strikes an edge over the others with respect to cost-cutting and flexibility. The only difference here we see is the undeniable requirement of the Internet but given the current cost-effective plans provided by the current network providers throughout, it would be the most sought after as it requires no additional computer hardware, only requiring the device to have an Internet connection and support for Google Chrome. This is going to make game streaming appear as an easy alternative to PC gaming.

The official release date for Stadia and the response so far:

Google Stadia will launch in November 2019 in fourteen countries and by 2020 it will be expanding to more countries but as of now, it’s in Beta state.

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