Good News for PUBG Mobile Owner’s Pubg earned more than $1.1 billion in the past 5 months

Hello, friends, there was good news to the Pubg developers and owners that Pubg mobile will earn beyond their level in the last 5 months Pubg was the second most earning mobile game of all over the world so what are you waiting for4 let us see how the pubg will get this success. Pubg earned more than $1.1 billion

Pubg earned more than $1.1 billion
Pubg earned more than $1.1 billion

the Pubg mobile Game earned more than $1.1 billion

According to app analytics firm Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile is the second highest-earning game in the last five months.

I.e., from September 28th, 2020 to February 28th, 2020. The game earned #1.1 billion in this period, just behind another Tencent game, Honor of Kings, which made $1.2 billion.

Despite getting banned in India, one of its biggest userbases globally, the game raked in impressive numbers. In 2020, PUBG Mobile topped the revenue charts with $2.6 billion.

And the game was also the fourth-most downloaded game of the year with more than 230 million installs. The honor of Kings, a MOBA game hugely popular in China.

Earned $2.4 billion in 2020, most of which came from the Asian country. Genshin Impact, by miHoYo, is at third place in the list, generating $873 million. The game was launched on September 28th, 2020, and became an instant hit. Pokemon Go and Roblox rounded off the top five in the highest-earning list with $651 and $579 million in earnings, Sensor Tower added.

Top-grossing mobile games worldwide

  • Honor of Kings – $1.2 billion
  • PUBG Mobile – 1$.1 billion
  • Genshin impact- $873 million
  • Pokemon go – $651 million
  • Roblox – $579 million

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