Get Permanent Booyah! In Free Fire

hey, friends here this is Pavan friends here in this article we are discussing some of my personal stagy to get Booyah in the free-fire yes friends to get a booyah in the free-fire was really very tough friends because there are many players who are become expert in the free fire and give you high competition friends so here I give you my personal tricks to get a booyah in the matches. Permanent Booyah! In Free Fire

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Customize Sensitivity

As you play the game, you may want to customize the sensitivity of your controls to your liking. The game gives you the option to tweak sensitivity down to each scope, so you can fine-tune and adjust it as per your liking. This is especially handy if you are a sniper and will be seeing down the scope for most of the game.

Permanent Booyah! In Free Fire
Permanent Booyah! In Free Fire

Close Range Fights

Since Garena Free Fire has a lot of close-range fights in maps like purgatory it is a good idea for new players to have either an MP40 or a shotgun with them. Just like any other battle royal Garena Free Fire has a lot of different guns that are SMG, Rifles, Shotguns, Snipers, etc. The players can have three weapons with them and a melee item. So if you consider an ideal loadout it would be something like this- a sniper rifle, an smg, a pistol, and a pan. Chose the one you’re comfortable with. 

Permanent Booyah! In Free Fire
Permanent Booyah! In Free Fire

Claw control

The popular video platform, YouTube, has several videos recommending players to shift to claw controls. However, it is best to use the thumb layout while playing Free Fire, since the game doesn’t have any complicated in-game mechanisms. You can quickly adapt yourself to the controls in Free Fire, unlike PUBG Mobile.

do not try to give the unnecessarily jump-shoot in free fire

To be able to come out on top while using jump-shot, your jump needs to be well calculated. It is important to note that this fancy move can mess up your aim entirely. Therefore, before using this in ranked mode, go to custom rooms, and practice it until you get it right.



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