Get milk in Minecraft

Milk in Minecraft has the special and unique property of clearing all active potion effects for those who consume it. Fortunately, milk is also extremely easy to obtain in the game, with very few prior resources needed. Such a feature can prove extremely practical in certain situations, such as when fighting mobs. Get milk in Minecraft

Get milk in Minecraft
Get milk in Minecraft

Which can apply negative effects to players, i.e., witches and cave spiders. This is because it is not possible to currently store milk in any other item other than a bucket. The only real preparation required is access to a bucket.

How to get a bucket of milk in Minecraft

For obtaining a bucket of milk, the first call of duty is to get a bucket. Obtaining milk in Minecraft is a painless and easy process that someone can complete even with no prior knowledge of the game. In order to craft a bucket, players will need precisely three iron ingots. Buckets can be made relatively easily, only requiring access to a crafting table and a few iron ingots. 

This guide outlines some more information regarding crafting tables and how to make them. These animals can be found in most biomes relatively quickly by exploring the nearby world a little bit. If something about obtaining a bucket is still unclear, this guide is recommended. These ingots must then be arranged on a crafting table in the format shown below. This will then build a bucket, which the player can drag into their inventory. Once a bucket has been successfully procured, it’s time to find a cow.

Uses for milk in Minecraft

Players can drink milk by holding a bucket of it in their hands and holding the interact key. Milk is useable to clear any status effects on the player, simply by drinking it


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