Genshin Impact: Top 5 Qingxin location

This post is regarding the Qingxin location in the game-play of Genshin Impact. Qingxin is also used for cooking recipes like Tianshu meat. It gets challenging to farm because of minimal spawn locations. In Genshin Impact, the Qingxin is a rare material used to ascend characters such as Xiao and Ganyu. The players need not fret, as this article lists some top places to farm this Liyue exclusive item every day. If you are a player of Genshin Impact game-play, then you should surely read the article. Genshin Impact: Top 5 Qingxin location

Genshin Impact: Top 5 Qingxin location

Huaguang Stone forest and surroundings

This is the most rewarding and challenging location to farm Qingxin in Genshin Impact. These 10 locations can provide over 25 Qingxin in over a few minutes. Players will need to glide, climb, teleport, and run across the area to obtain Qingxin from each mountain peak.

Qingyun Peak and its surroundings

These sites are pretty easily accessible compared to the previous ones because of the proximity of teleport waypoints. As well as the six marked locations near Qingyun peak and its surroundings can provide up to 15 Qingxin every day.

Mingyun Village

There are six very easily accessible locations that provide up to 15 Qingxin, near the Statue of the Seven in Mingyun Village. It’s probably the easiest route to farm this material in Genshin Impact.

Near Qingce village and Wuwang Hill

It’s recommended for players to start farming with the northernmost marker to reach all the markers without climbing a lot. The route marked between Qingce village and Wuwang Hill in the above map can provide up to 15 Qingxin every day.

Jueyun Karst

Although the route is long and lacks enough waypoints. The 11 marked locations on the map near Jueyun Karst can provide up to 25 Qingxin every day. It provides a higher number of Qingxin than most other Genshin Impact locations.

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