Genshin Impact: the powerful characters

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The game-play of Genshin Impact has come with lots of different players/ characters, in this post we are going to tell you guys about the Genshin Impact: the powerful characters in the whole game-play.

Genshin Impact: the powerful characters


The little 5-star Anemo marksman, Venti, could be one of the deadliest characters in Genshin Impact history. While his skills are intended to deal an enormous amount of damage, namely his elemental burst.

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“Wind’s Grand Ode,” which could be spammed to kill enemies in an almost one-shot effect.


Klee’s cute and charming looks might deceive Genshin Impact player. While being one of the Knights of Favonius already makes her an elite character in the storyline. Because she is a very powerful 5-star Pyro character. The recommended weapon for her is the 5-star “Skyward Atlas” or the 4-star “Solar Pearl.”

Her attacks are more about dealing explosive damage, while the “Kaboom” attack inflicting higher damage rates depending on its use as a Normal, Charged, or Plunging attack. And her displays during actual fights are something to behold. While her elemental skill, “Jumpty Dumpty,” and elemental burst.

“Sparks ‘n’ Flash,” can be maximized by players to annihilate massive waves of enemies in Genshin Impact.


The character has quickly become one of the most powerful and used characters in Genshin Impact today. The 5-star Anemo, Xiao, could be considered as a rookie character. While it was known as the “Vigilant Yaksha,” he has already changed the course of Genshin Impact. He arrived on February 3rd with update 1.3 and has impacted the character tier list big-time. While from his normal attack, “Whirlwind Thrust,” the elemental skill, “Lemniscatic Wind Cycling,” and elemental burst, “Bane of Evil,”.

Xiao can finish off enemies in dominating fashion. Recommended weapons for him include the 5-star “Primordial Jade Winged-Spear” or the 4-star “Blackcliff Pole” to further enhance Xiao’s skills.

Especially his elemental burst. His Anemo-type attacks are lethal and do heavy damage.

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