Genshin Impact: Most challenging opponents

As the Genshin Impact was one of the best game in the player’s community, the game has many opponents which challenge the players. Players who don’t focus on the damage-dealing Meta and prefer exploration and story quests, find it difficult to challenge. Genshin Impact: Most challenging opponents

Genshin Impact: Most challenging opponents

Primo Geovishap

Primo Geovishap can release different elemental damage at regular intervals, alongside physical attacks. GeoVishap has massive resistance to physical as well as elemental damage.

Which makes him one of the toughest enemies in the game. Primo Geovishap is an all new addition to the game with the V1.3 patch of Genshin Impact.

Andrius- Wolf Boss

This open-world boss can deal Cryo elemental DMG, freezing players with healers such as Barbara. The best way to deal with the wolf boss is to dodge its lethal strikes and not allow it enough time to make consecutive attacks. Andrius, AKA Wolf of the North, is a fierce enemy who challenges the players with his insanely fast movement speed and lethal aggressiveness.


The oceanid summons Hydro elemental creatures in waves, while the combat platform keeps sinking at regular intervals. Oceanid in Genshin Impact is a nightmare for players who lack an archer character or are low on DEF. Although not the most powerful, Oceanid is unarguably the most annoying boss enemy to deal with in Genshin Impact.At one stage, it randomly summons a flock of flying Hydro creatures that are hard to deal with, especially if the players have all melee attackers in their party.

Stromterror / Dvalin

Stormterror as a weekly boss terrorizes the players. Stormterror or Dvalin is probably the most frightening enemy in the early game. What makes Stormterror so strong is his ability to force players into leaving solid platforms. The enemy gets introduced during a story quest, where players have to beat him in order to proceed with the lore.


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