Genshin Impact: least useful characters

In this post, we are going to tell you guys about the Genshin Impact: the least useful characters in the game-play if you are a Genshin Impact player. Then this post will definitely help you guys in your game-play. While it is based on one of the more popular tier lists out there, here is the list of the five least useful characters in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: least useful characters


Noelle is a tremendous defensive character. While she can remain decent with a good kit, she is easily outclassed by the likes of Diona, Zhongli, or even Xinyan when it comes to shields. While early on and is the character most players pull first from their Genshin Impact starter wishes.

Element: Geo

Weapon: Claymore

Birthday: March 21st

Constellation: Parma Cordis


As well as the Poor Amber is at the bottom of pretty much every tier list out there. Once any other Pyro or bow-using character is recruited, she becomes virtually useless. As the first Genshin Impact character players can recruit, she is undoubtedly helpful in many of the game’s early puzzles.

Element: Pyro

Weapon: Bow

Birthday: August 10th

Constellation: Lepus


Even though they are a 5-Star character, the Traveler is fairly useless later on, when players pull other, more powerful characters from wishes. The main protagonist of Genshin Impact, and the first player-controlled character of the game, the Traveler, starts as an Anemo character, and later in the game, can be changed to Geo. While in future updates, they will be able to switch between each of the seven elements.

Element: Anemo or Geo

Weapon: Sword

Birthday: Player Choice

Constellation: Viator (Male), Viatrix (Female)


Lastly, unfortunately, she falls as a sub-DPS with many other characters filling the role much better. While many players love Genshin Impact’s Lisa for her personality.

Element: Electro

Weapon: Catalyst

Birthday: June 9th

Constellation: Tempus Fugit

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