Games like PUBG Mobile which you can play instead of PUBG?

Hello friends here we can tell you about these games which can give you the same gaming experience as same as you can get in the game PUBG. so let’s see the games like PUBG Mobile. and one more thing friends if you are new in this website then hit the pink bell botton/.

games like PUBG Mobile
games like PUBG Mobile

Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is a famous battle royale title in the mobile gaming world. Even though this game’s style is not as realistic as PUBG, players will still enjoy the battle royale matches. Players can pick a character as per their choice at the start of the game. Each character in Free Fire is unique and has a special skill that comes into play during the matches.


The gameplay of PUBG and ScarFall is quite similar, so players will feel right at home playing the latter. They can dress up their characters using the skins offered by the game. A unique feature allows players to re-spawn up to 3 times. This feature increases the chances of survival and also boosts the competition in the match.

Ghosts Fire

Like PUBG, this battle royale title offers players many modes to indulge in. Team Fight, Squad, and Team Deathmatch are three of the popular modes. Players must fight to be the last person standing in Battle Royale mode, which can have up to 25 players. As the game progresses, players have the option to unlock new characters.

Grand Battle Royale

This title is a combination of Minecraft and PUBG. Apart from intense battle royale matches, players can also take part in exciting PvP matches offered by the title. Players land on a big island engulfed in radiation, pick up pixel guns, and then fight for their lives. Players also need to watch out for the safe zone while battling enemies.

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