Full list of Valheim Emotes

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Valheim, allows players to perform up to seven different emotes in multiplayer mode. If you are a Valheim player then you surely have to give a look at this post. Full list of Valheim Emotes, the seven emotes that players can perform in Valheim are:

  • Sit
  • Wave
  • Challenge
  • Cheer
  • No No No
  • Thumbs Up
  • Point
Full list of Valheim Emotes

All that a player needs to do in order to execute an emote in Valheim is to type the code for the respective emote that they wish to perform. Performing emotes in Valheim is extremely easy and can be executed at any point in the game. Valheim’s immersive world-mechanics and visual aspects provide players with a unique survival sandbox-experience. In order to execute an emote in Valheim, players will need to enter the respective code for that emote into the in-game chat. Although the game currently features only seven emotes, the community can expect the developers to introduce more in the future.

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The entire lists of codes for each emotes in Valheim are:

  • Sit – /sit
  • Wave – /wave
  • Challenge – /challenge
  • Cheer – /cheer
  • No No No – /nonono
  • Thumbs Up – /thumbsup
  • Point – /point

Typing these codes accurately in the chat tab, along with the designated forward slash (/), will execute the respective emote for the player’s character. Valheim was released on February 2nd with early access. This means that the Viking-themed survival sandbox game features less than 50% of the content that developers have envisioned for it. Emotes in Valheim add another interactive feature to the rapidly growing survival game. Despite releasing regular updates and patches to optimize Valheim accurately, the developers are yet to reveal any concrete plans regarding the future of Valheim. This further means that the seven emotes currently present in Valheim will most likely be joined by other ones as the developers make their way towards Valheim’s full release.

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