Free Fire’s Chrono character

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Hello, friends we all know that Cristiano Ronaldo a football player is come into the partnership- with free fire yes friends after coming into the partnership Ronaldo will launch the new character in the Free Fire’s Chrono character.

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Free Fire’s Chrono character
Free Fire’s Chrono character

Chrono character as top-up rewards

Currently, the Chrono character is available in the Indonesian region as a top-up reward. Users in the country can top-up 100 diamonds between the stipulated period – December 16th to December 25th – to acquire the character for free.

However, it does not necessarily mean that Chrono would be obtainable from the top-up event in other regions.

The in-game description of the character states: 

His ability can create a damage-blocking force field. At the base level, it blocks 600 damage and increases the movement speed of players by 15%.

When the skill is activated, allies also receive a boost of 10% in the movement speed. All these effects last for four seconds.  Also, there is a cooldown of 50 seconds for using the ability.

At the highest level, players’ movement speed is buffed by 30%, while the allies receive a 15% boost. Simultaneously, the duration of these effects increases to nine seconds, and the cooldown is reduced to 40 seconds.

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