Free Fire was 2020 most downloaded mobile game

Top 5 mobile games of 2020 by downloads yes friends here in this article you are going to know the most top 5 games which get maximum downloads in the year 2020 so let us start the article. most downloaded mobile game

most downloaded mobile game
most downloaded mobile game

1.- Free Fire:

Free Fire by Garena is the most downloaded mobile game of 2020 with around 266.2 million downloads. It is a favorite in markets like LATAM, SEA, and SA.

Free Fire’s fast-paced gameplay and compatibility with low-end smartphones are two factors for its popularity.

The game also won the Mobile Game of the Year presented by Esports Awards 2020. The future of mobile gaming looks promising.

2. – Among Us:

While Among Us, an online multiplayer game developed by InnerSloth, was launched in 2018 by the three-person team.

However, the game only gained populariity in 2020 due to the streaming wave.

The game became extremely popular in less than six months. It now stands at 2nd place in the global mobile game downloads with 256.3 million downloads in 2020.

3. – Subway Surfers:

It is an endless runner mobile game and runs on Unity Engine. As well as this game was co-developed by Kiloo and Sybo Games. It was released in 2012 and reached 2 billion downloads in 2018.

The game is still a favourite. It bagged 235.4 million downloads in 2020. It has led the wave for mobile games for a wholedecade.

4. – PUBG Mobile:

The battle royale was launched in 2018 by Chinese video gaming giant Tencent.

It has been a fan favourite since its release. It is also the highest-earning game of 2020. With 232.5 million downloads in 2020, the game sits at fourth place for the most global downloads in 2020.

5. – Hunter Assassin:

The single-player action-adventure game developed by Ruby game studios is sitting pretty in fifth for the most global downloads in 2020. It had around 200.4 million downloads in 2020.



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