Free Fire: Top 5 best landing spots for rank pushing in Bermuda map?

Hello, friends we all know that to push the rank of free fire id is the dream of every player of the free-fire each and everyone wants to go to the higher rank like heroic. etc. so here we are to come up with the pro tips for the players on how they came chose their landing spots and play safe and push their rank, Easley. we all know that there are many places where lots of people will land so the players have to avoid those areas. so lets me know how to chose the landing spots in the Bermuda map. spots for rank pushing in Bermuda map

rank pushing in Bermuda map
rank pushing in Bermuda map

The best 5 places for the rank push are:


Sentosa is situated on the Bermuda map’s extreme south-east corner. It is an alienated island that is linked to the main island through a single bridge. This area consists of many buildings and small apartments with plenty of level 2 and level 3 loots to serve the players’ needs.


The hangar is located on the extreme western side of the Bermuda map in Free Fire. It is a pretty large area with vast open lands and water bodies nearby, providing players with a fair chance to flee from battles. This spot has various loot gears for players and is generally not very populated. It’s a safe place to land that ensures a sufficient amount of loot for a squad as well as a better position to hold for rank pushing.

Mars Electric

For those who prefer a safer landing spot, head straight to Mars Electric. It’s often overlooked in Free Fire since it’s located on the bottom of the map. However, this location provides decent loot for the whole squad with less competition. But if you do decide to land on Mars Electric, make sure you have a way out first. Locate nearby vehicles as you are dropping in to make the quick rotation to the Play Zone.

Cape Town

we have Cape Town. Like Mars Electric, this landing location offers safety and good loot. There are numerous buildings and houses for players to roam through or to use as cover to fence off enemies.


The Shipyard has top-tier gears and some of the best weapons spawns in the game. The place lies on the north coast and is pretty compact – looting it would be pretty easy. Just be careful of snipers that usually lurk on the top of those four cranes.

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