Free Fire: the new Lucky Koi AWM from Weapon Royale in

Hello, friends we all know that the free fire was the most treading battle royal game all over the world guys. and the other thing is the most famous longs range gun or snipers is AWN which is really y good so the free fire constantly promotes by launching the new skins of the AWM in the free fire. yes, friends so let us start the article, and let’s get known how can you get this weapon in your free fire id. so let us start the article. on new Lucky Koi AWM

the new features of this weapon

  1. Rate of Fire: +2
  2. Reload Speed: -1
  3. Armor Penetration: +1

how can you Obtain the Lucky Koi AWM?

The skin cannot be purchased directly, and players have to play the Weapon Royale to get their hands on it. Here’s how they can obtain it: Step 1: Open the Lucky Royale tab and select the Weapon Royale option.

Step 2: The Weapon Royale can be played either by spending 40 diamonds or redeeming one Weapon Royale voucher.

With each granting the player one spin. If they have either of those, they can click on ‘1 Spin.’ Whether or not players get the Lucky Koi AWM is entirely dependent on the player’s luck. However, many have reported getting the 24-hour edition of Lucky Koi AWM Skin in just a few spins.

The overall chance of bagging this skin in Free Fire is as slim as any other Legendary skin. But Garena is gracious enough to give players a taste of the Lucky Koi by going easy on the 24-hour temporary edition.


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