Free Fire: the best landing spot in Free Fire for rush gameplay

Hello, friends, this article is for those who like to play the rush gameplay and want to found more competitors in their game. so this is the best article for you all guys. best landing spot in Free Fire for rush gameplay.

best landing spot in Free Fire
best landing spot in Free Fire

#1 Peak

Peak has to be one of the dangerous spots to land on. Many players land here because of the vast availability of loot and cover. It is also one of the spots popularized by the all-time favorite Total Gaming (Ajjubhai). The Peak is situated in the center-right of the map, making it one of the vulnerable spots in Free Fire.

#2 Factory

The Factory is the last location on this list of challenging landing spots on the Bermuda map. Users have to be vigilant and alert for any opponent in their surroundings. While similar to the other locations, they will be able to procure a wide variety of items here.

#3 Bimasakti Strip

Bimasakti Strip is present around the center of the map and is considered a hot-drop. It consists of a high-quality loot comprised of weapons, armor, and other equipment in the numerous buildings present in this location.

#4 Mill

best looting & fighting site on the map in terms of weapons and high tier gears, Mill is located on the north-east side of the map and is a dream location for good loot. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing solo or squad, Mill has sufficient loot to suffice everyone. However, the obvious drawback of the place is that a large number of players drop here. Mill becomes a graveyard a couple of minutes after the start of the match and is not suited for passive players.

#5 Bimasakti Strip

This is pretty much the biggest warzone on the map. You are going to witness a brutal deathmatch every time you land on this location – sometimes you can die even before reaching the ground. However, with high risks come high rewards – if you managed to survive the first way and camp somewhere in this location, you would be able to stick around until the end of the game, as the final circle is often in this location.

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