Free Fire sensitivity settings for headshot

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hello freinds we all know free fire was the most treading game in now time in all over the world yes freinds and every player wants to know how to get the headshot to the players. without any difficulty so here in this article we are going to discuss about how to give a perfect drag headshot to the opponents and play like a pro. Free Fire sensitivity settings

 Free Fire sensitivity settings
Free Fire sensitivity settings

Auto Headshot settings for Free Fire

Note: The sensitivity settings provided below are listed according to the generalized and most suitable ways for every player of the game. Sensitivity settings depend and vary from one device to another.

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The settings provided below will significantly reduce the recoil of the weapons and offer the best sensitivity to lock down the enemies’ heads with quick reflexes.

  1. General: 100
  2. Red Dot: 75
  3. 2X Scope: 69
  4. 4X Scope: 62
  5. AWM Scope: 34

tips for direct headshot

Open Free Fire on the preferred device.

Wait for the default menu screen to appear.

Look for the Settings icon present at the top right extreme corner of the screen and tap on it.

A new menu tab will appear.

Click on the Sensitivity tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

Apply the settings mentioned above to acclimatize with the auto headshot settings perfectly.

Tips to follow to aim auto headshots directly

After following the sensitivity settings in a game, it is always recommended for players, especially beginners, to aim at the body of the opponent and slide the weapon slightly upwards. The crosshair will aim automatically at the head of the enemy. 

This movement results in an auto-aim down to the head, providing an instant kill with an auto headshot. This technique is not very hard to master and can be easily done with a bit of practice on the training grounds.

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