FREE FIRE: Pro Tips to Rank UP from (Gold To heroic) in ‘4’ Days All Time working Pro Trick

Hello, friends here in this article we are going to tell you some of the awesome tricks to rank up your free fire id in 4 days. yes, friends if you follow this step then definitely you can reach heroic in the minimum 4 to 6 days guys so if you want to rank you’d read this article carefully and apply it in your free fire’s gameplay. Gold To heroic free fire

Gold To heroic free fire
Gold To heroic free fire

1. Choice of characters

Over the period, characters have become a critical part of Garena Free Fire. There are 37 characters in the game, and each one of them except ‘Primis’ and ‘Nulla’ boasts a unique ability that helps the users emerge victorious. While users have to choose the appropriate character based on their playing style. For example, players that prefer playing aggressively, Jota or Jai, could be popular options due to their abilities ‘Sustained Raids’ and ‘Raging Reload,’ respectively.

2. Play Duo or Squad with trustable one

Playing Solo in Free Fire makes your victory sometimes dictated by luck. Anyone can kill you from various sides if you fight in the wrong place. Therefore, play Duo or Squad in order to reduce losing / winning because of hockey only. Also, make sure you play Duo or Squad with friends who are used to playing together. Why? Surely those who are used to playing together will understand more about how to play you and also the preferences of the weapons you use.

3. Don’t Give Up don’t get in fear with any player

This might sound like patronizing or like motivational words, but it is undeniable that we sometimes mistakenly focus too much on thinking about rank numbers. In reality, push rank is not a matter of getting good numbers, there are also lessons to be learned when you get a position that is not too good. Remember, focusing on the process, the Free Fire push rank towards Heroic is a marathon; make sure your spirit can remain consistent until you finally reach the Heroic rank. Do not let you lose once you immediately give up and move on to another title!

4. Understand Your Weapons how it works

Another pro tip for Free Fire player is knowing your weapon well, like the distance covered and shooting capacity, damage capacity of guns and bullets, etc. There are six major groups of firearms in Free Fire: SMG, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Gun, Pistol, and other weapons like pan, bat, grenade, crossbow, and parang. You should be aware of some basic features of your forte weapons, including power, clip size, range, accuracy, rate of fire. One of the most amazing Free Fire pro tips is putting a pan in your back. It can protect you from firing from enemies behind. 

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