Free Fire OB27 includes the new characters (Mystery character and Xayne)

Hello, friends here we are going to see a new character in the free-fire OB27 yes friends we are going to see the two new characters in the game. we all know that the free fire has a unique thing about the character that each and every character is different from the other. so to see the abilities of these two characters are really very interesting so what are you waiting for let’s start the article and give your valuable comments on these characters.

#1 Game description of the new character Xayne:

#1 Game description of the new character Xayne:
#1 Game description of the new character Xayne: Free Fire OB27 includes

Overall, Xayne looks very similar to an existing character, the former Gangster Notora. Her hairstyle and outfits are just the usual tomboy ‘punk’ costumes with navel exposed.

which is similar to most female characters in Free Fire. Xayne’s ability is Xtreme Encounter. It is just as strong as the top-tier characters in the game currently (Chrono, Alok, K, and Skyler). 

Xtreme Encounter level 1 would give her 100 HP temporarily, along with 50% increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields for 8 seconds. The weakest part of the skill is probably its cooldown, at a whopping 150 seconds.

Overall, the effects are super good and could let you win any 1 vs 1 duel… but playing around the 2.5 minutes cooldown could be tricky.

#2 New “mysterious character

#2 New "mysterious character
#2 New “mysterious character : Free Fire OB27 includes

Based on the previous leak, this new character is probably the one standing in the middle (his appearance is not revealed in the advance beta yet) His skill Falcon Fervor is going to be one of the few abilities that outright increases damage in Free Fire.

The farther your target, the higher the damage you would be able to deal. This works perfectly in conjunction with a sniper rifle or a DMR. The damage bonus is massive, especially when you use it in combination with something like Shirou’s skill.

About the second part of the skill… looks like it is going to synergize with Moco, Shirou, and CLU’s abilities to “mark” enemies. The damage bonus is fairly massive (5% for each component) and the skill is still at level 1.

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