Free Fire Next Weapon Royale Release Date (New Gun Skin)

In Garena Free Fire currently Parafal Crimson Heir Weapon royale event is going on which will end on 04 November 2021. With this, a new legendary gun skin will be added in the Weapon Royale section of the game.

Just like the other weapon royale skins it also provides a buff on the battlegrounds while using it. The expected attributes of the gun AC80 are:

  • Range (++)
  • Magazine (+)
  • Movement speed (-)

Free Fire Weapon Royale Release Date

Once the PARAFAL weapon royale event is finished, the new event weapon royale event for AC80 will be released on November 5, 2021. The AC80 Skin looks amazing in yellow, shining color.

AC80 Weapon Royale Release DateNovember 5, 2021
PARAFAL Weapon Royale End DateNovember 4, 2021
Free Fire Next Weapon Royale

What Is Weapon Royale In FF?

FF Weapon Royale is an event where you have the option to grab Legendary gun skins with diamonds. The Weapon Royale event mainly appears in Luck Royale section of the game available on the main screen of lobby.

The gun skins appear in Weapon Royale are unique and can be earned only through spins made with the help of diamonds.

Spin costs depend upon your budget, here 1 spin need 40 diamonds/weapon royale voucher and 10+1 spin need 400 diamonds/10 weapon royale vouchers. But very rarely, someone gets some good items with Vouchers if they spend diamonds.

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