Free Fire New Pet: Flash Ability & More (Free Fire OB32 Update)

In Free Fire OB32 a new Pet called Flash has arrived new ability which will help us to improve our gameplay. Here in this article, I will be sharing the complete details about this new pet and how you can get it with step-by-step process.

Garena is trying to make the game as much impressive they could that’s why with every new update game developers are adding new pet into the game shop and now in OB32 a new Pet like turtle called Flash is added. Most probably, this pet will be available in the game with the January 2022 update.

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Free Fire New Pet Flash Ability

The ability of Flash is to decrease the damage getting from back. Suppose if you are moving or hidden somewhere and someone started to shoot you from the back, the damage will be low if Flash pet is equipped. The name of Flash ability is Steel Shell.

Level1Reduces damage (from FF Knife and bullets) taken from behind by 10% up to 100 points. Cooldown time is 150 seconds
Level2Reduces damage (from FF Knife and bullets) taken from behind by 15% up to 120 points. Cooldown time is 120 seconds
Level3Reduces damage (from FF Knife and bullets) taken from behind by 25% up to 150 points. Cooldown time is 90 seconds

Here is a short video tutorial of the pet from where you can get the complete overview of this pet.

Currently, Flash is available in the OB testing version, but hopefully it will be added for sure in the January update of Free Fire. For me, it is a good pet, but you can drop your point of view in the below comments.

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