Free fire Most suitable landing spots for the Rushers (most challenging spots)

Hello, friends here w are there to tell you some most challenging spots of landing in the game free fire yes friends we see that the players want those spots where they get more enemies to make their gameplay more complicated there are many players who believe in the rush gameplay they always take fights with the enemies they travel a long distance to find the enemies and take fights with then so to solve their problems we are here with some best landing spots which help the players who want the rush gameplay. So hold your eyes for some minutes to get known about those Landing spots for the Rushers.

Landing spots for the Rushers
Landing spots for the Rushers


Peak has to be one of the dangerous spots to land on. Many players land here because of the vast availability of loot and cover. It is also one of the spots popularized by the all-time favorite Total Gaming (Ajjubhai). The Peak is situated in the center-right of the map, making it one of the vulnerable spots in Free Fire.


The Factory is the last location on this list of challenging landing spots on the Bermuda map. Users have to be vigilant and alert for any opponent in their surroundings. While similar to the other locations, they will be able to procure a wide variety of items here.

Bimasakti Strip

Bimasakti Strip is present around the center of the map and is considered a hot-drop. It consists of a high-quality loot comprised of weapons, armor, and other equipment in the numerous buildings present in this location.


Pochinok is located beneath Peak and includes a number of houses side by side. It has houses that range in shape and size. It also comes with a cemented house where players can camp and surprise the enemies.

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