Free Fire Diwali event 2020 calendar

Hello, friends when we are talking about the free fire. We always think about what was the new event because free fire gives lots of things to their players for free. Because free fire treats all their players as same. Free Fire Diwali event

Free fire knows that there are many players who want to buy things like gun skins , players cloths , players, etc but due to very to lack of money there are many players who are unable to  buy these products.

 Free Fire Diwali event
Free Fire Diwali event

So in this article we are going to discuss about 2020 Diwali event of free fire. So let’s start the article and one more info for you all friends if you  are  free fire.

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Light Up Bermuda

The Light Up Bermuda sub-event began today, i.e., 30th October, and will last till 15th November. From here, users can obtain a free Magic Cube and several other rewards like gun skins, emotes, and more. They have to collect ‘Diyas’ and use them to redeem all these items on 14th November.

Diwali Preparation

Diwali Preparation is set to begin from tomorrow, i.e., 31st October. Players can obtain the ‘Character Level 6 Card’ and ‘Character Level 8 Card’ upon completing specific tasks. 

Diwali Ludo

The ‘Diwali Ludo’ sub-event will last from 6th to 15th November and will provide players with a chance to get free costume bundles, weapon royale vouchers, and more. Further details are yet to be announced, but this sub-event is expected to be a mini-game.

Diwali Balloon Burst

Balloon Burst will start on 11th November and will end on the final day (15th November). Like Diwali Ludo, details about this sub-event aren’t available, but it is expected to provide users with several costumes.



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