After the pubg ban in India free fire in the fire. Free fire crosses 4 million followers on Instagram it became the first priority for gamers and kids after the pubg ban.

On the first 1 October, 2020 free fire gets 4 million followers on their Instagram to handle id. This was a huge success of free fire so free fire.

That’s why free fire organizes an event where free fire distributes free gun skins crates for their players.

The player gets the task to follow free fire official id on instagram. And whoever follows the free fire id will get free gun skin crates.

Free fire Instagram

You can claim your reward by entering this code: QNAE4FM8X5Q2 . After entering the code you get got 3x legendary gun crets of mp40 a short-range gun.

Gives the damage of 130 on the head without any skin. The skin, was going to be double their damage range.

Furthermore, the most interesting information through free fire. If the free fire gets 6 million followers on Instagram then free fire gives the brand New exclusive Cricket Costumes to the players.

Free fire 4 million followers Instagram
free fire crosses 4 million followers on Instagram

Free fire stylish name How to style Name in Free fir

After gaining so much popularity in the world, many new things have been updated in the latest Free Fire OB 24 , so that the players who play can entertained and enjoy a lot. 

Here are all the new features that have been added in the OB24 update.

New Spawn Island
New Weapons – Parafal and Flamethrower
New Armory Menu

As we know, Free Fire has added a new character to its game, which is named Jai. Jai character is inspired by Indian actor Hrithik Roshan.

If you want any update regarding to free fire,COD, PUBG or any PC & mobile games, then stay tuned with us. We also organise givaways of free fire, if you want giveaways of free fire then click here.

So, How to style names in Free fire, Free fire stylish name the game under publication by Garena. In order to stand out in gaming community you need a stylish name. Because, Often times you see pro gamer with symbols or clan players with different styles to brand their clans.

What’s the point in stylish names, well Firstly it intimidates the opponent. Secondly you can design it or stand out from others, if you’re a YouTuber or in the leaderboards.



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