Free Fire best Ever GUN Combinations

Here in this article, we are going to compare the best gun combination in the game free fire. and one more thing friends if you are new to this website then do not forget to subscribe to the website by hitting the pink bell button on your screen so let us start the article friends. best Ever GUN Combinations

Free Fire best Ever GUN Combinations

AK + Vector

The AK has great damage along with an impressive fire rate. The Vector is the newest addition to the Free Fire SMG weapon class. It has a damage rate of 47, a firing rate of 81, and a very agile movement speed of 69. Together, this combo can be a very suitable option for regular players in mid to close-range fights.

AN94 + MP40

The AN94 AR combo that can prove lethal for close and mid-range fights. The MP40 is a close-range behemoth with a high fire rate of 83 as well as a firing range and a damage rate of 22 and 48. The MP40 is not beneficial in mid-range combats but is very efficient and stable in close-range combats. The firearm also has a movement speed of 63 and an initial magazine capacity of 20 rounds. And the AN94 has high recoil along with a long effective range and a decent rate of fire.

Scar + MP40

Scar is a stable, well-balanced rifle that is great for beginners to use in Free Fire. The MP40 is a powerful weapon in close range as it has an incredible fire rate and can knock down enemies within a few seconds. Together, they make a very feasible option for the players in close-range combats. best Ever GUN Combinations


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