We all know that the characters of free fire have different skills and abilities. Each character has different skills and different abilities. This was the unique thing about the free fire this thing also makes free fire unique. And the interesting thing was that in nowadays. Garena has currently, 33 characters in their game free fire, with ‘K’ or Captain Booyah being the latest one. character combinations for Hayato

character combinations for Hayato
character combinations for Hayato

The most interesting thing in free fire is that the players can mix up the abilities or skills of different characters with each other. And enjoy the different skills of different characters in same characters. So in this article we are going to discuss the character hayato the most used character in the free fire game and also there are many players who look for the best combinations to make use of with him.

Free fire: 3 best character combinations for the Hayato

@ 1 DJ Alok (ability – Drop the Beat)

As we all know that DJ Alok was the number one demand of the free fire players. In-game description: ‘Alok is a world famous DJ, ready to drop a beat.’

And his ability creates a circle or ring of 5m long that increases the characters/player movement speed by 10% and replenishes 5 HP for 5 seconds. And the most interesting thing is that at the maximum level, players’ movement speed increases by 15% and 5 HP is restored for 10 seconds.

@2 Kelly (ability – Dash)

‘Kelly is an athlete, a sprinter.’At level 1, ‘Dash’ increases the movement speed by 1%. With the rise in the level, it enhances, and at max level, it increases by 6%. Combining this ability with that of Hayato’s would help users move quickly, and allow them to rotate around the map faster.

@ 3 Laura (ability – Sharp Shooter)

Laura is an outstanding special agent.’Her ability is quite good, as it increases the users’ accuracy by 10 when they scope in at the base level. At the maximum level of the character, that number rises to 30. This could help a lot of players gun down enemies using a scope more accurately.

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