Free female Free Fire characters

female Free Fire characters
female Free Fire characters


Misha has a passive ability called Afterburner. Using this ability, her driving speed is increased by 2% when she is driving a vehicle. The damage taken while in the vehicle is also decreased by 5%. At her highest potential, the abilities enhance to 12% and 30%, respectively. female Free Fire characters


As per her in-game description, Paloma is the reigning arms queen of the underworld. She has a passive ability called Arms-dealing which allows her to carry 30 extra AR ammo.

Without taking any inventory space. When Paloma is maximized at level 6, she can carry 180 AR ammo without taking any inventory space.


Moco’s ability Hacker’s Eye is one of the most unique ones in Free Fire. While the passive ability tags opponents that are shot for two seconds at the base level. As the character levels up, the duration of the tag increases.


Caroline has a passive ability called Agility. Using this ability, her movement speed increases by 3% while holding a shotgun. At Caroline’s maximum potential, her movement speed increases by 8% while holding a shotgun.


Clu has an active ability called Tracing Steps. At her level 1 ability, she can locate the position of enemies (who are not in a prone or squat position).

Within 30m and share the information with teammates (level 4). Her effects last for five seconds with a CD of 50 seconds. At her maximum ability, her locating radius increases to 50m, and the effect lasts for seven seconds.


Dasha has a useful passive ability called “Partying On.”

While her ability reduces the damage taken by fall by 30% and also reduces the recovery time from fall by 60%. Alongside this, there is a 6% reduction in the recoil build-up, and the maximum recoil is reduced by the same. While at the highest level, the attributes are affected by 50%, 80%, 10%, and 10%, respectively. Utilizing Dasha during ranked matches will be of incredible assistance for players and will give a lot of lesser recoil and decreased fall damage.


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